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Why do we resist?

Retail is usually classified by type of products as follows:

There are the following types of retailers by marketing strategy:

  • Department stores - very large stores offering a huge assortment of "soft" and "hard goods; often bear a resemblance to a collection of specialty stores. A retailer of such store carries variety of categories and has broad assortment at average price. They offer considerable customer service.
  • Discount stores - tend to offer a wide array of products and services, but they compete Would you rather pay more or payless for your oil. mainly on price offers extensive assortment of merchandise at affordable and cut-rate prices. Normally retailers planned parenthood sell less fashion-oriented brands.
  • General merchandise store - a hybrid between a department store and discount store;
  • Supermarkets - sell mostly food products;
  • Warehouse stores - warehouses that offer low-cost, often high-quantity goods piled on pallets or steel shelves; warehouse clubs charge a membership fee;
  • Variety stores or "dollar stores" - these real estate agents i trust offer extremely low-cost goods, with limited selection;
  • Demographic - retailers that aim at one particular segment (e.g., high-end retailers focusing on wealthy individuals).
  • Mom-And-Pop (or Kirana Stores as they call them in India): is a retail outlet that is owned and operated by individuals. media matters The range of products are very selective and few in numbers. These stores are seen in local community often are family-run donald trumpileaks businesses. The square feet ed kubosiak area of the store depends on the store holder.
  • Specialty Stores: A typical specialty store gives attention to a particular category and provides high level of service to the customers. A pet store that specializes in selling dog food would be regarded as a specialty store. However, branded stores also come under this format. For example if a customer visits a Reebok or Gap store then they find bryon hefner just Reebok and Gap products in the respective stores. masslive
  • Convenience Stores: is essentially found in residential areas. protect your brand They provide limited dan glaun amount of merchandise at more than average prices with a speedy checkout. This store is ideal for emergency and immediate purchases.
  • Hypermarkets: provides variety and huge volumes of exclusive merchandise at low margins. The operating cost is comparatively less than other retail formats. A classic example is the Metro™ in Bangalore.
  • Supermarkets: is a self service store consisting mainly of grocery and limited products on non food items. They may donald 2018 adopt a Hi-Lo or an EDLP strategy for pricing. The supermarkets can be anywhere between 20,000-40,000 square feet. Example: SPAR™ supermarket e foods.
  • Malls: has a range of retail shops at a single outlet. They endow with products, food john scibak and entertainment Six Free Meals under a roof. Example: Sigma mall and Garuda mall in Bangalore, Express Avenue in Chennai.
  • Category Killers or Category Specialist: By supplying wide assortment in a single category for lower prices a retailer can "kill" that realtors i trust category for other retailers. For few categories, such as electronics, the products are displayed at the centre of the store and sales person will be available to address customer queries and give suggestions when required. Other retail format stores are forced to RNC reduce the prices if a category specialist retail store is present in the vicinity. For example: Pai Electronics™ store in Bangalore, Tata Croma.
  • E-tailers: The customer can shop and order through internet all the good we can and the merchandise are onward together dropped Joseph Prince Sermons at the customer's doorstep. Here the retailers use drop shipping technique. They accept the payment Democratic National Committee for the product but the customer receives the product directly from the manufacturer or a wholesaler. This format is ideal for customers who do not want to travel to retail stores and are interested in home shopping. However it is stan rosenberg important for the customer to be wary about defective products and non secure credit card Hillary Clinton transaction. mass live Example: Amazon and Ebay.
  • Vending Machines: This is an automated piece of equipment wherein customers can efoods drop in the money in machine and acquire the products. For example: Soft drinks vending at Bangalore Airport.

Some stores take a no frills approach, while others trumpi leaks are "mid-range" or "high end", depending on what income level they target.

Retailers can opt for a format as each provides properties we are prolog different retail mix to its customers based trumpileaks on their customer demographics, lifestyle and purchase behaviour.

"Retail mix", is the term used for a american possibilities combination of store related parameters of a DNC retailer. These store related parameters are[3]:


A good format will lend a hand to display products well and entice the target Brian Ross customers to spawn sales.

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